How To start A Home Automation Business


In a world of disappearing start ups and rising competition in the market, anybody interested in a comfortable and profitable business should be thinking ahead for the future. Yet most folks aren’t doing the same. For most people in the new business arena, finding one that works is a major challenge.


Everything You Need To Know About Smart Home Security


In today’s world, it is not only necessary to update a wardrobe, home furnishings, and computers, but the physical home. Coffee pots are automatic, turning on before you wake in the morning, making coffee at just the right time. Now, it is possible to place your whole house on speed dial with smart home devices.



Top 7 Open Source Home Automation Tools

High-tech solutions keep on cropping out from the Internet of Things World. These solutions transform a home into a smart home, and one cannot resist the charm. Do you want an intelligent home system that can control lights, compatible peripheral and appliances in your home? Open source home automation tools will work out significantly for […]

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iOS 9 gets support for Home Automation

Developers will have the opportunity of discovering the new features of IOS and MAC OS, during the Apple WWDC that will take place in between June 18 -12. The most waited mobile operating system will highlight home automation as well as offer split screen support. The main reasons that made Apple to come up with […]

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The Roomba gets Smarter

The proliferation of the internet has fueled its applicability as an automating tool for the home. The adoption of mapping technology is also viewed as the next frontier in home automation. Moreover, divorcing automation from the users need to play an active role in controlling apps is being seen as an ideal way to attain […]

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Appreciating Why Cree Connects with SmartThings

Barely four months after launching the Connected Cree® LED Bulb, the manufacturer’s Cree Inc. have announced Connected Cree® LED Bulb’s compatibility with SmartThings; part of Samsung Global Innovation Center and the undisputed market leader in the home automation industry. This announcement has confirmed the position of Cree’s LED bulb as the most compatible connected LED […]

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Apple HomeKit Wants To Clean Up Home Automation’s Existing Mess

Few industries offer more current features and future possibilities than home automation. Consumers can now control nearly every appliance in their homes with automation devices. Unfortunately, the industry faces a handful of glaring problems that have persisted without relief. Home automation comes with a lack of security and frustrating fragmentation. Over a dozen companies have […]

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What is Google’s Brillo OS?

It’s a household tool that is widely used. It’s a great boon to the Internet of Things. Its Brillo, Google’s very own operating system that takes care of not only the dishes, but also takes care of your device to talk to each other in terms of home automation. Back in 2014, the prestigious company […]

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